Stu Shelton

  • Jazz Pianist

  • Composer/Orchestrator

  • Recording Engineer

  • Computer IT

Whats New:

Shelton Studios Upgrade

June 2011

demoShelton Studios is constantly striving for the best recording gear and software available. This year several editions have been made in the way of ribbon mics, condensor mics and recording software.

Current Gigs:

Jazz About Town

July 2011

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New CD:

Lou Califano & Stu Shelton Duo Album

"One Day You'll Look Around"





Available on gigs!

Recording Studio

Shelton Studios is a versatile recording studio providing  a broad variety of approaches to make you and your band sound the best that they can be. Or, if you a singer/song writer and want to bring your music to life, music arranging and orchestration can be accomplished quickly with feed back that you need to decide how to develop your song to its final version. Live recording band members to creating instrument tracks to your music ideas, Shelton Studios has a wealth of sampled instrument software, recording equipment and microphones of the latest technology and sound quality.



Control Room Studio A
Booth A Studio B
Booth B Aux Area


Digital Analog Workstation is comprised of 16 API Mics pres on frontend going to Apogees 16DA & ADX's to Mac G5 Pro using Logic Pro.

In the Box...

Logic Pro 9 Melodyne
All East/West Play Edition VI ARC
Ivory w/Italian Grand BFD2
Trilogy Altiverb
UAD Plugins Package 2cAudio Aether reverb
WAVES Platinum Package Finale
Ozone 4 Band in Box
Machfive 2 Groove Agent 2 
Omnisphere Stylus RMX
NI Komplete 5 Trillian


AEA R44  AEA R84 Pair
Telefunken M261 AKG C 3000
Gefell M930 Pair AKG C 2000 B
Peluso 2247 Le Pair AKG D 112
Peluso P28 Pair Rhode NTK
AKG C 414 B-ULS Pair Shure Beta 87a Pair
Josephson C42 Pair Audio-Technica AT825 Stereo Mic
Shure PG57 Audio-Technica AT4033a
Shure SM58 Rhode NT4 Stereo Mic
EV MC200 Sennheiser E865
Shure SM-57 LC Pair

Studio Instruments...

Yamaha Motif ES8 Kurzweil 2000
Roland RD-700SX Roland XP80
Roland RD-700GX Yamaha EX5 Synth
Roland  V-Drums Yamaha CP33
Yamaha C2 Grand Piano Yamaha CP-50

Outboard Gear...


API DSM24 System Mac Pro & 30" Monitor
Mackie UI API 512C Mic Pres (16)
Rosetta 800 API 550b Eq (2)
Apogee 16DX API 525 Compressor (2)
Apogee 16DA Crane Song Flamingo 2 Ch Mic Pre
Alesis Masterlink Manley Massive Passive
JBL LSR4328P (2)  Monitors Pendulum Audio OCL-2 Tube compressor
Mackie 624 Monitors API 2500 Buss Compressor
Dynaudio MB15a's Monitors  Lexicon PCM91 Reverb
Focal Twin6 Be Monitors Muse Receptor 2 Pro Max